Running Airless...

AY BUTIKING BUNDAT! - well, that's not exactly my thought when my cellphone went BRRRIIIINGGGG KA-RIN KRIIIINGGG at five in the morning. let me give you a clue, it rhymes with birds a-peck-pecking and golfers tee-teeing in the morning.

if you don't get "it"... you never will, so just continue reading this my poor innocent reader... (click on read.more)

eneways highway, judith was hollering on the other end: hoooy, bangon na... am getting dressed for the marathon. you promised to be there!





end of conversation. my carefully rehearsed excuse of working till around 2am didn't even get any airtime. it was like talking to a radio.

ok, let's do a shaider moment and do the time spacewarp (ngayon din!) approximately 30 minutes after the conversation, the marathon marshals are waving my car away, the race was about to start in a few minutes and they won't allow cars to park along the driveway. i managed to park my car in Shell Banilad right in front of the Select shop. figuring i still have a couple more minutes i quickly sneaked in to buy beer, err... fruit juice and some doughnut flavored chaser (bavarian) to wash it down.

outside i saw some of my gym bunnies running past the store. I hurriedly went outside to get a video of the fools, err, my friends and I vigorously waived at them. Well what do you know, they were scowling at me! They're taking it way too seriously, this marathon thing. I never believed for one second that they were ready to throw their shoes at me for waving the beer in one hand, doughnut crammed in my mouth and video camera pointing at them.

anyways, i didn't get to run. i had to bring out the spritzer and strategically sprayed my face, neck and armpit (real men have sweaty musky armpits let me tell you, just don't tell anyone mine was evian, oops, not a sponsor, make that RUSH fitness water) before trotting over to Holiday Gym and Spa.

Judith (the marketing whiz behind the event) was there and i caught her spraying herself with One Tea. well, we have a blood compact to never tell anyone about this deception (so please, if you got this in an email, you never GOT it, capiche?). To make the long story short, she accomplished the task of securing sponsors and doing the advertising. 600 odd runners turned up which is a rather impressive record for the second Run to the Max marathon sponsored by Holiday Gym and Spa.

Okay, the first time Annie invited me to a marathon i didn't even show up, this time i did show up complete with gear and outfit but never did the run. they say the third time is a charm, perhaps you'd see me huffing and puffing next time around.


if you don't know "shaider" you're not IN. ha! you better do your research! i'm posting a series of human-interest pictures from the marathon in another post. watch out for that one he he he.


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