We Are Not White.

the 3pm sun can literally melt the cholesterol from my crispy pata(s) today. i promise you - i feel like a walking advertisement for minola oil. i casually wiped the oil from my face and smoothed my frizzy hair - not so effective when riding a jeepney ride from school heading home. as to why am riding the jeepney, patience is not MY virtue waiting for people to rearrange the car-parking-lot puzzle so i can drive out.

okays... back to the estory. the earth being round and the sun revolving around it (at least in my world) there is bound to be a hot side of the jeep, the other side being hotter (in the philippines, it is only hot, hotter and very wet). it is but natural then that we choose to sit in a cooler side of hell.

unfortunately, when you have two passengers riding the jeep it is perfectly illogical to ride on the same side. but perfectly logical to squeeze all sixteen (yes, that is 16) posteriors on ONE side. as i said, perfectly logical, for idiots.

i stared incredulously at the gentleman who wanted to squeeze in between me and the bar that is the only precarious barrier that prevents me from getting bumped off the end of the jeep. i casually nudged him off when no one was looking. his "aaaaaiiieeeeeee" got lost in the blare of mid afternoon traffic.

if that's not enough, a very shapely (round is still a shape) mature woman attempted the same logic-defying feat of planting 200 square inches of ass on to a foot long, inch wide gap between people. the bare empty (although sunny side) bench screamed "sit oooon me!"

i know that most of us are fixated on getting pasty white skin in the distorted belief that it symbolizes some sort of social stature. but people just don't get it, if mama is brown, papa is brown, baby is probably white(r). see? that just doesn't make sense. unless mama honky-tonked daddy instead.

i wanted to lean over (if i can squeeze myself between butt wedges) and say... "manang, di ka kinaya ng Block and White. kahit magbilad ka dyan, wala na hong iitim yang perfectly lovely eskeyn mo."

for everyone's information, only mystica has natural blue eyes and natural blonde hair.

her and michael jackson with natural white skin and natural thin lips and natural. a basta, natural sila.

i am not white, i am brown (underneath all the hair on my face) and aylabet!

We Are Not White.


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