Running In Circles

i can't answer the question why hamsters run in circles, but i can definitely understand why people want to get up early and hit the road for a run. okay, make that a marathon. not just an ordinary run. it's called discipline and the bragging rights of finishing a 21K marathon.

anyways, i got commissioned to do the artwork for the 2nd Holiday Gym & Spa Health Run. so i guess i have to promote it despite tha fact that my delusional fantasy is to live a very sedentary lifestyle rolling from one end of the couch to the other. (click on read.more)

on another note, a friend of mine just recently finished the local Milo 21K qualifying run in Cebu and finished third in her category. That makes her soooo justified to brag about that feat (she missed the last few local marathons because of an injury).

so what's the big deal about that? well, let's put it this way, when you're a mother of three, the biggest of your worries is not necessarily getting up at three in the morning so you can run (over chickens) for three hours, go back home to take the children to school, head off to the gym for a workout, manage to grab lunch with the hubby, catch up with friends and squeeze some work in before picking up the kids then head off for home... and on and on... i have this suspicion she's powered by energizer.

so what's the big deal you say? i don't tell milet this much, but she's really an idol for me. but don't go tell her that okay? i don't want her to add that to her bragging rights. hmmp!


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