Save The Earth, Wear Plastic

you've probably heard of polyester, but have you heard of recycled plastic bags as bathing suits? got this email from a friend. it is funny, but ultimately rather sad don't you think? well, let's see, if i have to make a bathing suit like this one i probably would have to use the bubble wrap plastic from my samsung 41 inch TV (i don't have one so i guess this is not going to happen).

just in case you're interested where this "fashion" inspiration came from, click on read.more for the "original" picture. warning, the picture can cause biblical blindness.

borat and his polyester swimsuit. this picture taken from the movie "Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan".


Anonymous said…
would you dare wear the same swimsuit as borat?? ahahahaahah..
Cacho said…
lord, that would be the next apocalyptic event ha ha ha. trunks are so passe, swim shorts are the norm for us guys. only DOMs wear trunks.

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