Truth In Advertising

read the slogan: "We just try to beautify you".

at least, if something goes horribly wrong with the procedure they can always say: We tried... we really tried.

I was told that a certain lady from my gym nicknamed "The Mummy" because of all the formalin used to treat her face went to this salon for a makeover. Completely delusional, she demanded that she be transformed into a Ruffa Gutierrez look-alike.

She promptly got a reply from the mortician, err... make-up artist: "Ay Tita! di na kaya ng siyensya yan! Divine intervention na po kailangan nyo!" - Science probably won't have any effect, you need Divine Intervention in this case! - another salon assistant threw in his own recommendation: "Ma'am konting blush-on lang mukha na ho kayong buhay!"(click on read.more for more misadventures of tita mummy)

Of course the lady went berserk and shouted "NEVER, NEEVER, NEEEEEEEVER CALL ME TITA!" - oh yes, she definitely needs divine intervention. amen. pray over. deeebil be gone.

this is the WORST probably way you can advertise your hair studio salon services. as for the lady in question, she's just a fictional-invention of my overly-imaginative -humor-based-on-true-story-documentary.


at least they're honest about their services. the salon is owned by a korean (my oh-so-unreliable-beerdy told me), i am presuming that someone did a nasty job of doing the translation. just in case, here are the other services offered:

laundry on weekends - Php 20/kilo - we put the "off" in off-white
notaryo - Php 10 / document - thesis for sale too!
vulcanizing - we bolkit while you wait
catering - cooking ina mo!
flower arrangement - we can arrange your flower!
at iba pa!


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