Nose Bleed

Definition: when you're listening to something that doesn't seem to make any sense. in short, nonsense.

the past few days are perfect candidates for an equivalent of a cerebral nosebleed. the activity title should give a clue: 4th Symposium on Mathematical Aspects of Computer Science.

discrete mathematics, nonmonotonic reasoning, formal languages, parallel algorithms, modeling linear orders with partial orders (by this time you should be experiencing nausea...), computational methods in number theory, finite frobenius rings and their bounds, (skin hives breaking out by now...) precise coloring of {3,n} Tilings of the Hyperbolic Plane, M-states phase modulation (M-PSK) => alphabet Zm (am sure i heard someone mutter paking shet)

if your eyes aren't glazing over by now, it means you're just as a nerd as i am. (click on read.more for more catatonic rambling)

blame it on my computer science background - but the talks and paper presentations have an interesting appeal to my cerebral side that talks about numerical theory of pure mathematics. on the other hand, the practical side of my persona take delight in the applied function of the theories that have significant bearing in fields of data communication and cryptography (discrete mathematics : group theory), expert knowledge base in the medical and legal profession (nonmonotonic reasoning, logic formulation, nondeterministic reasoning, fuzzy logic), operations research and process optimization (discrete mathematics, formal languages and parallel algorithms), bioinformatics (formal languages and application of set theory) etc etc.

unfortunately, genius does not necessarily translate to good delivery of a presentation. a little production number would have livened up a discussion that would have put to sleep an insomniac in record time. zzzzzzz.

i lugged liters of coffee to keep my eyes wide wide wide open.


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