Insanely Vain Napoleon

rumor has it that napoleon bonaparte was an obsessive man that fixated on his overly huge nose and lumpy gut that he had a nose trim and tummy tuck to compensate for his height.

speaking of overcompensating, i know of another person who can be best described as self-obsessed. the story goes that this particular compact-powder-mirror carrying narcissist has been involved in mini scandals for his odd body baring behavior. (click on read.more)

in a number of marathons in the queen city, he is known to take off his singlet in the middle of the run despite admonition from the organizers. in a recent incident, he was spotted in celio looking at shirts - not content to use the changing rooms, he stripped in the middle of the store to try on the shirt. this of course caused some sort of titillation from the store clerks. admittedly, the guy has a passably toned body. guess what, he decided to try on pants.

yup he stripped in the middle of the shop. at the full view of other customers. suffice to say he was the topic of the checkout counter, and not for his naked body but for the loose screw that must have fallen off a long time ago.

lately, the behavior has gotten so erratic that he has been spotted in the gym doing his workout only to disappear in the men's locker and come out with a drenched shirt, and a strategically wet crotch area. in the same league as another gym member who would wear his basketball jerseys and shoes inside the sauna for a warm up before the workout.

looney? definitely.


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