Lost in Translation

the last time i crossed myself was in church yesterday. today, i hurriedly made the sign of the cross when i read the headline of SuperBalita. susmarya-joseph!

explain to me then how the Sun Star Headline titled "Foreign student files rape case vs. compatriot" got transliterated, translated, transfigured into it's SuperBalita counterpart: "Koreana gi-finger sa laing Koreana, mikiha". click on read.more for screen shots of the website - i did not make this up, i swear!

Sun Star Headline

SuperBalita Headline

transliteration - Conversion of names or text not written in the roman alphabet to roman-alphabet form; A systematic way to convert characters in one alphabet or phonetic sounds into another alphabet.

translation - a written / spoken communication in a second language having the same meaning as the written / spoken communication in a first language.


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