Made It!

i'm quickly typing this in a Smart Bro kiosk in Mactan International Airport, Cebu (definitely better than the Globe 3G mobile service!). Which means that I was able to make it in time for my flight at 4:25PM - the question of whether the Cebu Pacific flight is on-time is another thing. a little bit wary as i have a working engagement this evening and i'm hoping to check in the hotel and take a nap for at least an hour before starting my day at 10PM.

yup, i am a callboy.

sort of. i work as a consultant for BPO and call centers, so what else do you call someone working for the Call Center Industry? call-boy. (click on read.more)

okay, have to log off now. i have a line waiting behind me wanting to get on this unit. at least i was able to verify my hotel accommodation. darn, it's not the mandarin (the usual) but am billeted at the BSA Suites.


Carlota said…
call-boy.. hahhah. that's funny.. i guess you are not working as a teacher anymore.. have a great day..
cacho said…
actually, i still teach he he he. but my real job is performance and operations consulting and majority of my clients are from the BPO / Call center industry. they literally fly me in, fly me out. hectic i know, but it pays for my bills..
Carlota said…
ay ang galing... then you can travel all the time.. weeee
Cacho said…
honestly i've become an expert in hotel rooms. that's the only thing i see and the office every time i have these travels waaaaaah!

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