My Dinner...

mr. coffee in one mango is usually my preferred joint where i settle in and do my online work for clients. unfortunately, for the past two days they have been offline and i find myself working in brown cup near redemptorist.

just wanted to share the picture of my dinner: HUMONGOUS pork belly (marinated tocino style), fried egg, a cup of rice and iced tea. oh yeah, it comes with a teeny weeny tomato and cucumber slice. need that to balance the diet with the right portion of greens. riggght. i paid Php 110 for this meal. worth it? definitely. which is a bit looney because brown cup IS a coffee place. wi-fi comes free :P - click on read.more

okay, since you took the effort to "read more", i highly recommend the creamy, cold strawberry banana smoothie or the choco banana smoothie with real banana bits. in a coffee shop. right. this is so wrong. then again, i am not a coffee drinker.

they have two branches, one in St. Patricks near Redemptorist church and the other is in IT Park Skyrise Building. my personal favorite is the one in St. Patrick Square. the only downside is that you pay 10 pesos for every hour you plug your laptop into a wall socket. blame it on short-lived laptop batteries. okies. enough said, back to work.


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