i failed.

today i pulled out the papers of two of my students taking their midterm examination. contrary to general perception, most teachers don't take particular delight in having to dispense disciplinary action.

sometimes students feel singled out for some perverse desire of the teacher to torment them. get real duh. with almost 250 students that a teacher has to monitor, score, grade, motivate and educate, there is just no time for "torment".

i am terribly disappointed with the ethics and values of this current generation that finds no fear in blatant cheating. they're freshmen for God's sake. i can assure you that i have forgotten their names but i haven't forgotten the disappointment.

i guess i failed life's lessons where lying and cheating became skills instead of sins. i'd gladly fail. again. and again.


Carlota said…
i first cheated in school when i was about 8 i think... pag-uwi ko, todo palo ang inaabot ko sa bahay.. the second and last time i cheated was in college.. weeee. pero hindi na ako nahuli... ahheheheh..
Cacho said…
hmmm, not everyone is perfect like lil' me ha ha ha. medyo nerd kasi ako. was the 1st honorable mentioned sa graduating class in La Salle HS and was in the dean's list in college. btw, nice recent posts mo ha? enjoy the trip!

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