Pizza Craving...

pizza is not really at the top of my craving list but i found myself heading off to Handuraw in One Mango over the weekend. given a choice, i go for extra thin pizza and not the deep dish variety of sbarro or the pan pizza of yellow cab or pizza hut. the dish is sinful as it is without the tubs worth of lard soaked up by the dough.

handuraw special, perfect for meaaaat lovers.

IMAO (in my arrogant opinion) handuraw possibly serves the best thin crust pizza. cebuana pizza (spicy skinless chorizo with kesong puti) is my favourite with handuraw special (meat and cheese loaded) coming a close second. they do have other interesting varieties like the mexican, german sausage, vegetarian and cheese on cheese pizzas. (click on read.more for more pictures)

cebuana pizza - spicy sweet skinless chorizo on top of
creamy kesong puti (cheese made from buffalo's milk)

best part of the deal is that an 18 in diameter pizza (8 slices) will cost you on the average Php 210 - 298. You can ask the staff to have it split into two flavors (which i always do he he he).

the thinnest pizza crust

on the downside, the order can take a while so be prepared to wait. i guarantee you, the wait is worth it.


Anonymous said…
i keep hearing about handuraw but i haven't eaten their pizza yet. They used to be in Mabolo i think but i didn't see them lately.. Thanks for the tips on their new location.. If i have a guest from couchsurfing, i'll drag them to handuraw next time so that i can taste their pizza.. weeee..

yup, i like reading your site.. witty and funny kasi... hopefully, i get to pick a small knowledge from your brain po.. ahehehh.
Cacho said…
To Carlota: Thanks for dropping by, i hope to continue entertaining my occasional reader(s) he he he. Feel free to "pick" my brain though i really don't claim to be an expert on anything.

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