Random Laughs

i got a text message from a friend inviting me to attend the 2nd year anniversary of their business with a specific request to bring scented candles as part of the celebration.

here's a true-to-life account of the text messages i sent to my friend:

"i have some durian scented candles, would that be okay?"
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i got tired fiddling my thumbs waiting for an answer, i guess durian is not in season. so i sent another follow up text.

"hmmm, what about candles with bagoong essence?"

hmmm... am still waiting for the reply. and that message was sent like two hours ago. darn.


Anonymous said…
and what if your friend would ask you to bring those scents. where will you get them? :-)
cacho said…
but i do! i do have durian scented candles! ran out of bagoong essence incense though. a lot of my balikbayan friends bought it so they can light some while eating their pakbet. you see, it is illegal to bring bagoong to the US. apparently, it is an act of terrorism. :P

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