38 Minutes

i am still unsure as to what possessed me to decide that i'll be walking home from the gym. for a while, i was the subject of scrutiny from motorists riding in the comfort of sardine-packed jeepneys plying the archbishop reyes stretch.

i resisted the urge to wave and nod my head like governor garcia in an imitation of the suroy suroy sa sugbo tour (walk walk in cebu) complete with blaring music to the theme of "mabuhi, mabuhi, mabuhi mabuhi... mabuhi ka sugbuanon!". just in case you are not aware of this certain peculiarity, the governor has a signature song that needs to be played on cue for every single appearance she makes. the laws for taking her picture are very precise that specifies a certain angle that shows her imitation of wide-open mouth lock jaw - shocked look - devoid of wrinkles - botox treated expression. (click on read.more to read about bread, hairy brutes and make-up)

i understood the motorists' fascination, it is not everyday that you see a six foot tall brute huffing and puffing his way along the road. make that long haired, hairy brute. water bottle in one hand, gym bag slung across my body, vivid orange shorts and a yellow singlet.

drats, just realized it. the outfit was bright enough to pass for a traffic lamp post. no wonder cars screeched to a halt when i decide to do the national urban sport: running across the road in heavy traffic. i half suspect that they fear i'd do more damage to their car than the other way around.

38 minutes later and 4 kilometers after, beneath an inch of smog and dust on my face to rival a kabuki actor i reached the junction of gorordo and escario. i couldn't resist the urge to stop by a bakeshop to get cheese bread (the cheese looked curiously like caramel, deep brown in color and sweet - the lady assured me it IS cheese) and cinnamon bread that tasted like starch mixed with enough brown sugar to make ants diabetic.

happily munching, i dodged cars to cross over to capitol parish church and headed home. next time, i'll be bringing my camera to take snaps of this curiously interesting escapade.


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