Bowled in Red - Food Trip!

venci called up saturday night for a dinner invitation. good finds are usually tucked away in the most unexpected location, labangon is not exactly known for its selection of good restaurants as it is mostly industrial and residential.

red bowl is literally a box, tucked in a building with parking set close by on a vacant lot. done in yellows and reds, the restaurant resembled a jollibee or mc donalds fastfood joint.

that's where the similarity ends. although red bowl serves set meals, they specialize in ala carte dishes - food meant to be shared. the menu is an interesting mix as they serve an extensive selection of standard chinese dishes but threw in popular filipino viands (barbecues, kinilaw, lechon kawali, crispy pata, sizzling pochero, sizzling sisig etc).

more importantly, dishes are served fast, hot, delicious and very reasonably priced. the food we ordered (chowpatchin, steamed fish in soy sauce, yang chow fried rice and spareribs) was served hot in less than ten minutes.

red bowl is owned by one of the partners that own red moon, a favorite chinese restaurant that explains the influence on flavor and pricing for the chinese dish selection.

this is one box i'd be frequenting to discover more of the dishes on the menu!


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