Listening to Myself

i was literally stuck on my laptop trying to find online answers why i can't hear myself when i use the microphone. no, it is not a narcissistic desire to listen to my lovely gorgeous sexy voice. uh, that is a bit egocentric isn't it?

let's just say i got tired competing with the bloody highschool teachers that insist on simultaneous choruses of "good mooooorning missss dela cruuuuz" from the poor students. and like a broken record, students have to repeat it again, and again, and again. see how irritating that is? and again.

armed with portable speakers and a lapel mic, i prepared for a shouting match today that would put to shame a balut vendor. just in case, i loaded some karaoke tracks in my hard drive so i can belt out Keys Me by Alyssa Milano or probably a selection of Willie Revillame songs. i just need the sexy outfit and no talent to pull that off. except that for the strangest reason, i can't hear myself when i speak through the mic. (click on read.more)

with a number of technical titles attached to my name, you can say that i am a greek (short for gorgeous geek). so you can imagine my frustration for not resolving such a minor tech issue.

i ended up having to do my lectures au naturelle today that made me cranky and end up with a hoarse voice. i know, bedroom voice is sexy - but not when you're explaining the evolution of computer processors or end up with a sexual harassment case for a seductive rendition of java arithmetic expressions. oh well, i can always do the voice over for grover in sesame street.

fortunately, greek that i am, i was able to resolve the issue but not after an hour spent tinkering with my hardware and pushing buttons, with periodic outbursts of anger directed at the tech gods of microsoft for having to make these things really complicated. oh well, if i wanted it simple a calculator would have been enough.

but just in case you do find yourself wanting to use your computer or laptop for a karaoke session or you just want to talk to yourself when you're all alone then make sure to follow the steps:

1. Open the Master Volume control from the Task Bar of Windows XP. Stop if you're not using Windows XP, and if you don't know what Master Volume is then don't even bother continue reading this need to be a wee bit smart to get through the next lines of mumbo-jumbo.

2. next is to click on Options >> Properties and then make sure that the Mixer Device is set to your output device (in my case, i am using Realtek HD Audio output).

3. There's a section that says "Show the following volume controls" followed by a list of output devices supported by your hardware. CHECK them all. Specially Pink In. Then click on OK.

4. This will display all the output devices on your Master Volume list. By default, Pink In is on mute. uncheck that box and MAXIMIZE the volume.

5. Sit back and listen to yourself.

Don't ask me why it is called Pink In, from what i know it is basically a control to reduce white noise or ambient noise, or just plain noise that's picked up by a microphone. that really doesn't matter to me, am busy preparing for the battle of who shouts the loudest game tomorrow. gyera na to.


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