bloated sense of self

people with little authority take great lengths in exercising it.

in a university where seven floors is serviced by one elevator (at least one that i am aware of), it is inevitable to wait in a long line for a turn. my usual habit is to fall in line with the students patiently queuing for their turn.

many times i've spied school staff to cut the line and go right to the front like some sort of benefit that come along with the tag "employee". i hide my dismay at this behavior with a smile. c'est la vie.

but not today. (click on read.more)

the same situation, clock about to strike nine in the morning, a bit early for a meeting with a parent of one of my students dangerously close to getting axed for attendance. but that's another story.

a lady came rushing trying to beat the closing elevator door, with frantic button pushing the doors opened despite the bleeping warning. without any preamble she called out to one of the students to step out so she can squeeze herself in.

you read that right, she told one of the students to step out.

in the years that i've held posts as general manager for a multinational bpo company or the director for the two biggest call centers in the country handling thousands of line employees and managers in my duty, i've never, neeeever, neeeeeeever asked an employee to step out of a conference room just because i decided on a whim to use the facility.

authority lays a heavy burden on one's shoulder to carefully exercise prudence in ensuring one never has to use that authority for personal gain. apparently, this is not something that some people learned.

interestingly, the lady in question is a secretary.

i rest my case.


Cybele said…
BWAHAHAHA!!! You should've looked her up and down the whole time. Or at least, subtly pushed people around the elevator towards her so she'd suffocate.

The arrogance of some people who believe they are part of a strict hierarchy. The delusion! Que horror!
I have learned that secretaries often think too much of themselves as they believe they hold the keys to the sanctum santorium. I often take a great amount of delight in bursting their egos.

I get to do that a lot with my job.

Oh what fun!

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