Begone You Deeebil!

this is just a short break from work - a group came in the coffee shop where i usually crunch out my client deliverables (thank God for FREE WiFi!). majority of the group are gay guys, the noisy and boisterous kind, the type that can literally raise the dead from it's slumber. note to reader - for a group of eight, they ordered one, ONE, OOOOONE cup of caffeine. am adding cheap to the description.

in the middle of a very noisy discourse on practically nothing of importance, the barrista behind the counter decided to bump up the music to a blaring vocals of GLORIFY HIIIIIS NAME, GLOOORIFY HIIIIIS NAME...

i strongly resisted the urge to jump on top of the table and shout AMEN! BEGONE YOU DEEEBIL FROM DEEES PLAACE!

they packed their stuff, asked the waiter to transfer the OOOONE cup of caffeine to a paper cup and trooped out of the coffee shop. (click on read.more)

disclaimer: gender and preference is irrelevant, what is obnoxious is an utter disregard for the other patrons wanting peace and quiet.


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