Lupit Church - Bacolod City

it is said that most catholics go to church at the very least, twice in their lifetime: christening and internment; everything in the middle is optional, even weddings.

i got the chance to visit Lupit Church in Bacolod City for a wedding ceremony. i met the groom-to-be the previous day and got my first and last hello with the bride during the required ritual of having each table go up the stage where the couple sat for a photo op. i ignored the bride's blank look that said : uh, who is this again?

which means that i am exempted from guilty feelings of walking out the ceremony and having a look around the lot.

Lupit church is uncommon as it features a belfry that sits on top of the entrance to the church, it's massive pointed tower stretching to the skies in what you can probably imagine to be a direct antenna to heaven. it was hard crouching low and getting a perspective shot to get the whole front fit in the camera lens. (click on read.more) stepping back would have meant unwanted leaves ruining a shot of gloriously blue skies and cottony clouds.

the interiors of the church is rather interesting. the only way you can look out the tall narrow windows of stained glass lining the side of the church would be if you're twelve feet tall or wearing elevators shoes, really tall elevator shoes.

the stained glass windows lend a strong reddish, orange cast to everything inside the complex - perfect for faking a tan, bad news for people who spent a small fortune equal to the GNP of a small country to sustain a gluthathione addiction.

featuring extraordinarily high ceilings, the series of curved arches are broken by the geometric square pattern that is painted all over the ceiling. if you have vertigo, i suggest you keep your eyes on the altar. don't, look, up.

the church has three main access points: the main entrance and the two wing entrance compared to usual church designs with doors along the side. claustrophobics are well advised not to attend services here - unless you're part of the service, inside a coffin.

the side of the church, the smaller chapel partly hidden from view.

the smaller chapel

the bride.


Anonymous said…
i love churches! great photos. keep 'em coming.
chino said…
i love churches too. hopefully i can visit some of the beautiful churches in bacolod ths december ...thanks for sharing .

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