Jolly Champ No More!

my fondest food memories of bacolod is bob's. they serve arguably the bestest (if there's such a word) burger in the philippines. considering that i am not a burger person, you probably have a good understanding that it is THAT namit! (that means delicious in ilonggo)

i had memories as a child jumping up and down with joy every time i visited my grandma in riverside hospital because that meant crossing the street and ordering bob's classic cheeseburger.

imagine a medium sized plate, that's how big the bun is and the juicy meaty perfectly seasoned beef patty is probably half a pound - cooked. who cares if you have lettuce, tomatoes, dressing and cheese stuffed inside the bun? the namit namit burger patty tastes like meat, REAL meat and not stuffed with extenders.

unfortunately, that was about twenty years ago. (click on read.more)

i recently visited bacolod and grabbed the chance to run to bob's right across La Salle Bacolod University, my old high school. i placed an order for the burger and settled myself on a table like an infanticipating mother. i will not be denied.

i was sort of disappointed when they delivered the burger, it was just the size of a coffe cup saucer. not the huge plate sized bun i expected. expecting more disappointment, i flipped open the bun and grinned - a wide toothy hungry grin. two huge patties were layered and smothered with the usual trimmings. i grabbed the burger and took an ecstatic bite, the mayonnaise dripping over my fingers as i relived twenty years worth of wait.

if ever you get to visit Bacolod, make sure to head off to Bob's across Riverside. that's really part of the tour. Jolly Champ is Champ no more. definitely a knockout.


jj said…
go to pendy's! more delicious didto...

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