Dead Tire(d)

if it was holy week i would have understood.

you see, my tire decided it's going to have a three inch nail go right through it. in the middle of the night. just when i had a loooong day, a really really long day. school. gym. paper work. party. work. that should have been the gameplan last tuesday. the only problem is that the neighbors who have been doing some construction for the past few months usually end up littering the street with nails, gravel and the occasional dog shit.

i found myself heading off near ramos to have my tire vulcanized by one of the 24-Hour shop in the area. good thing my best friend tagged along so i had some company and a "translator". you see i can pretty much understand bisaya but am not so good when i have to deliver a kilometric line. now i know how those hispanic beauties feel when they have to communicate something deep and profound and the translator sums it up in two words. (click on read.more)

the strange contraption that melted the rubber patch to seal off the hole in my tire. that's my mechanic on the side - matti.

nevertheless, the crew in the shop were jolly good fellows and did the service in about thirty minutes, the last fifteen minutes trying to get them to wake up from their long benches. the best part is, they only charged us Php 40 pesos. yes, less than a dollar to fix the hole in my tire.

i gave them a hundred because they didn't try to overcharge for the service. which reminds me, i still have to pass by the shop to drop off some clothes i plan to give to matti. that's the fellow's name. scratch that, that's the angel's name. i am personally going to make it my objective to tell all my friends about matti.

best part is, my best friend accompanied me when i was literally dropping off, dead tire(d). pun intended.


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