Sunday, July 13, 2008

Jazzy Blues..

tuesday is not exactly party night but i found myself partying in Jazz and Bluz along F. Cabahug for a dear friend's birthday. I half suspect that i was invited because i am "unofficially" the photographer - i am not complaining, but i sure got disappointed when the waiter took the tiramisu when i stood up to get a couple of snaps of the celebrant visiting guest tables. on a positive note, that's less calories ending up in my gut.

Interiors of the place as viewed from the entrance, a glass wall with flowing water greet you at the foyer.

am not much of a dancer (murdered too many toes as a result) so i decided to take pictures of the place. got some interesting pics of the interiors that complimented the ambiance of the place - perfect for listening to the blues and having chats with friends. (click on read.more for additional pics)

interesting lamp pieces on top of tables, this one is lotus inspired

the bar area, liked the silhouette of the liquor bottles infused with blue

the kids decided to decorate the cake with the exact number of candles corresponding to my friend's age. count it... this is the very same tiramisu cake.

My lovely gorgeous friend!

their catered food is surprisingly very very good. won't be able to give quotes or review for the pricing so i'm including the contact details of the manager at the end of this post.

i left as the people started dancing, swaying to salsa beats sung by a live band. people seem to have forgotten it is a tuesday. i guess you can make an exception for this place.

27 F Cabahug Street, Ayala Access Road, Mabolo
Cebu City Philippines 6000
Telephone Number: (6332)2322698
Fax Number: (6332)2314373
Mobile Number: (63)9155022219


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