How Did You End Up Here?

i started blogging sometime in November of 2004. since then i have tracked more than four hundred thousand or so visitors to my blog. i do entertain delusions that i am that popular with people wanting to catch the latest fantabulous event in my life. unfortunately, majority of anonymous visitors that end up here are referred by google and yahoo using some sort of search.

that's where it gets interesting. click on read.more if you want to know what sort of search keywords use to link back to my site. warning, it can get pretty graphic!

Here's a partial list of keywords used by visitors that end up in my site:

is teletech gay
ruffa gutierrez pussy
metro madrid filipinas
famous men wearing makeup
call boy in cebu
grand majestic in cebu city
cebuanas profile
surot picture
barili fiesta
lord of the rings gay scandal
gabby concepcion gay relationship
palalong resort
kris aquino pussy
casa verde it park cebu
lakawon beach resort negros occidental philippines
lucy torres rare sexy hot dancing video
boracay scandal com.
evolution of the early filipinos

this is just a partial list, one thing i found disturbing is the trend of numerous searches for that got stray visits to this site. if you're not in the "loop", is a "social dating website" that is thinly veiled front for prostitution.

what's more interesting is that a lot of noise is being made with people questioning the use of "cebu" as part of an airline's name because they don't want it associated with the perceived poor service from that company whereas the use of "cebuanas" for an online prostitution meeting place is considered to be okay. where's the sense of priority here?

of equal popularity, my site gets a lot of referrals from searches looking for popular cebu destinations. i seem to be an unofficial ambassador of cebu or a virtual tourist guide. i should charge these resorts for my write up!

on a lighter note, people seem to be interested in the pet pussy of ruffa gutierrez and kris aquino. i don't have the foggiest clue why. so don't ask me.


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