Finding White Gold

white gold in cebu city is a landmark. known primarily as the premiere chinese restaurant during the 70's and 80's before the old structure got burned down and they moved across the street to their new building. with majestic, ching palace and a number of other chinese restaurants coming up in the late 80's, white gold never recovered that prestigious title as "The Chinese Restaurant".

although it has lost it's gastronomic attraction (not the flavor though), the burnt hollow structure of the old white gold is an architectural interest specially with it's curved high walls and windows that frame emptiness - specially nearing dusk or evening. the wide empty space between the walls look like a good location for a fashion editorial project or a good venue for an al-fresco event.
old white gold at night

(click on read.more for pictures of the old and new white gold)

fortunately i got an invite for dinner at the new white gold last week and i decided to take snaps of the facade and a couple of the furnishings and interiors of the new white gold restaurant. opulent reds make the interiors come alive although the huge empty spaces seem to convey a hollowness to the place.

the passing vehicles leave a light trail

horses carved on some sort of colored marble

the rich red interiors of the restaurant

the chandelier

the food deserve another write up but suffice to say that expect for the soup that was a tad too bitter because of the chinese cabbage, the rest of the menu is surprisingly very good. some other time perhaps...


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