Dodong and Inday's Adbentyur in Badian!

just before the official "start" of the rainy season, we decided to travel to fantastic badian (south of cebu) for an overnight beach trip. we didn't plan much but we ended having a real blast exploring the private beach property owned by the Gica's. i guess you can say it's a bit of an accomplishment to get papa dodong to come along as he's never been on a beach / swimming trip for more than four years (that's what he said...) it's just nice to see mama inday enjoy the swim a.k.a. dyesebel. (click on read.more)

it rained a bit during the first day towards the late afternoon, on the other hand i love the feel of raindrops on my skin while floating on calm waters. so this is how a prune feels when it's all crinkly he he he. having cool companions made this trip a lot easier, no frills, no fuss just pure enjoyment!

this is a trip worth planning again!


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