Cebu City Lights

There is a tale of a Welsh man that goes about the coast doing an odd sort of dance with a camera held in one hand. Let's just say that Peter Defty is just an ordinary photographer with an extra ordinary perspective. The results of his work is best described as abstract, he uses the unique characteristics of aperture and shutter speed in photography to paint light pictures. General perception of people about photography is the caught-in-the-headlights look captured in their driver's license, everything in sharp contrast and detail. light painting is all about moving images trailing imprints for as long as the lens is open. I suspect this is how drug induced hallucination must look like, slightly out of focus but certainly a "trip".

Cebu city lights flickered past as I rode a bus coming into the city from Moalboal. Inspired by a write up about this abtract artist in Digital Photographer Philippines, I pulled out my camera to try and capture light impressions of common landmarks in the City.

Fuente Circle, Cebu City - note how the frost on the windows highlighted the scratches on the surface.

National Bookstore - Mango Ave corner Juana Osmena. The oldest branch of the bookstore in Cebu. Notoriously known for pimps and prostitutes that call out to cars that pass by. Bloody causes a traffic at night.

Overpass that connects Robinsons and the Raja Complex. All sorts of vendors sell their wares underneath the steps : from bootlegged DVD's to cute puppies. City vagrants litter this place to ask for alms and food.

Samsung Billboard, Mango Avenue - the cityscape is changing with more billboards lining the main thoroughfare of Cebu City. Mango Ave is closed annually for the grand Sinulog Fiesta Parade.

The pictures showed the garish and bright lights that cannot dispel the sense of darkness that slowly creeps into the streets of this City. It is both the attraction of these lights and the mysteries of the unknown that keeps me wanting to know more about this city.


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