A Public Apology

"Shet kaaaaa!"

"I haaayyyteeee you!"

"Peste ka uy!" - you're a pest!

that's just a sample of the less colorful offline messages i got when i logged on to yahoo messenger. apparently, this was caused by a recent post (hint: click to read) on my blog.

i mean, why would a post about food pics suddenly cause such response from some of my readers? apparently, for some reason or another, people are stuck at home or at work with tummies rumbling at the sight of food in all it's edible glory. (click on "read more" for uh... you know... more of this post.)

it's all said in jest though.

if anything, i've accomplished part of my objective to replace Ace Durano as the underrated secretary of tourism. well, make it Cebu in particular. my private impersonal thoughts are apparently fodder for a growing list of people who end up in my site looking for sex, food, beaches, bitches (that's according to the site meter reports that catalog search keywords). oh well.

in any case, this post is all about a public apology to my dear readers who suffered from hunger pangs after reading my food posts. i've probably ruined a couple of diets as well. and increased the horde of people trooping to restaurants. i should seriously consider charging these resto-bars for my write-ups. hmmm.

if only eating and traveling are real jobs, this site is my resume! cheers :)


Sydney said…
huuuuuuyyyyyyyy! frenshep!

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