It's NOT Happening

If i were to compare the movie The Happening to having sex, i would say that it would be the thespic (aka "theatrical") version of a premature ejaculation.

It was all over in the first few minutes. Short and sweet should have been nice, but this one was loooong and painful. Nope, no second wind here. It's just NOT Happening. (click on read.more)

The movie. I'm talking about the movie. Focus people. But... I like how you think hmmm?

Anyways, it was just not satisfying at all and if i pulled out a cigarette after the movie i'd be more inclined to torch the bed, errr the movie house. I felt like i got duped paying for this one.

I can officially claim that M. Night Shyamalan is a fluke. His career spectacularly started and ended with the Sixth Sense.

Don't watch this one. pleez.


Erich Jao said…
wahahaha, to compare a movie to premature ejaculation! now that is truly a grand warning to everyone!

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