it has been a while that i get up early in the morning to get ready for "official" work. i guess that's the trade-off when you're teaching. yup, you read that right. i'm teaching - not the usual corporate training that i do for clients but teaching in a school.

when you've handled demanding senior management officers of multinationals for corporate training you tend to think that everything else should be cakewalk. when you've done negotiations with corporate clients involving hundreds of thousands and millions for new work contracts you probably think that you're the hotshot. obviously, i have forgotten how it is to be a student. (click on read.more)
it was purely an accident that i found myself offered an opportunity to teach in a local university. DON'T even compare my salary as a corporate stiff or a consultant to the salary of a teacher. i haven't even discussed my salary with the group and i've already handled a full week's worth of work. at the end of the day, that is secondary to something that i truly like: dealing with people. as the dean of the college said, it might very well be a true labor of love.

just didn't realize that labor literally meant birthing labor. you know the grunt till you're red in the face type of labor? you betcha it was painful the first few days. i almost lost my voice competing with the noisy traffic outside or hollering kids from the high school just across my room repeatedly shouting GOOD MORNING MR.... GOOD AFTERNOON MS.... that or inhaling the white powdery fumes of chalk for an instant asthma attack. good if you're a kabuki actor, you get out with white smudges on your face and that's part of the act. but this is no theater and the only prop you're allowed to bring is your wit. all of this is superficial but a reality that teachers have to face.

that and the fact that you're dealing with students with expectant looks on their faces - to learn the mysteries of life inside a classroom. a course i haven't even mastered.

there's still a long way to go, but as with any challenge that mattered in my life, i'll take this on with a clear goal to do it the best way i know. fortunately, my clients are cool enough to juggle meetings, conferences and training schedule that already look like a plate of spaghetti. for now am getting used to being called "ser".

i'll sweat the small details later on. :)


fallen_angel said…
that's why i returned to the academe.
Cacho said…
I don't think i'm ready to let go of corporate responsibilities to go full time as a teacher. hmmm. but so far, i am enjoying the experience dealing with students and not professionals in my training sessions. by the look of it, you probably took the DiSC exam - don't forget to observe the strength of your other character traits and interpret the classical pattern for your results ha ha ha - i regularly do that assessment for clients.
fallen_angel said…
i did take the DISC exam hehehe.. sir sad oist.. silingan ra ta ug table :P

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