Bird Brained

you know that it's not flattery when someone calls you "bird brained". that's considered an insult of the smallest proportion. a recent study reported in USA Today disputes this common belief when researchers in Japan found out that pigeons are smarter than 3-year olds.

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The study apparently show that pigeons are better than self-recognition when shown a video of themselves as compared to children of up to 3 years of age. reportedly, they are also able to recognize a Van Gogh versus a Chagall.

GREAT! if you're 3 years old, but you don't want any beerdy beating the crap of you in a quiz bee if you're pushing 40. duh, coming up with a research on pigeon-human intelligence is more than bird-brained. it's a no-brainer.

on related nonsensical rambling thoughts, a number of obese individuals groan and complain that their blubber store remain stuck to hips, thighs and asses even if they "eat like a bird".

a diet of 200-500 insects a day, add on 4000 creepy larvaes will add up to about a quarter or half the body weight of food that birds consume on a daily basis. so i sensibly suggest that you quit eating like a beerdy dearie.

on totally un-related thoughts, i just settled down in a coffee shop after running about depositing and doing bank-finance stuff and all that ho-hum errands. indulge me as i go off-tangent for a moment: have you ever forgotten sweaty gym clothes in your bag and had the misfortune of opening your bag the following day? i suppose this is not what you call a masculine scent-me-tarzan-you-jane-need-deodorant sort of smell. more like musky-moldy-mildew-old-spice-gone-sour.

the girl who sat BETWEEN me and the aircon smelled exactly like that. if she thinks that sexy pheromone scent will turn me into a drooling slavering ape then she totally missed it. i can see skunks lining up and clawing at the glass walls to get in the coffee shop. and if you believe there are skunks in the philippines, then please read the first topic related to "bird brained".

for the record, it's sick to date your grandma.


i am adding this post script approximately 14 minutes after i hit the publish post button. skunky left the coffee shop. ah! cool sweet lysol scented air!


post-post script here... 2 minutes after the last ps. skunky lady is back from the loo. dees are da tayms aay weeesh ay hab a stuppy noode


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