Suspended Classes

i was chatting with a student of mine who happened to be online. i kidded the fellow that they were probably cheering because school got canceled due to the transport strike earlier in the day. that didn't prepare me though for the answer:

"there were 44 of us sir..."

in a class of 50, it was very interesting that majority of my students made an effort to be in school. i felt what seems like regret when i learned about that, you see, i was in school when i got the notice that classes have been suspended. (click on read.more) if i made the effort to get my lazy ass walk up the stairs i would have met with my students. unofficially of course, but i would have still given a lecture just to account for their desire and effort to be present when they should be heading home.

that in itself, is an inspiration to give more when less is expected. i owe them that much.


Anonymous said…
you really are a good teacher if that is the case. your students want to learn more from you. effective teacher ka talaga prend!!! :-)
cacho said…
i have this suspicion though that they attend the class because of the jokes. then again, humor is a very good method to deliver a message :P
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