Kung Poo Panda!

Kung Fu Panda - Live Action Clip!

darn, i gotta learn that wushu finger hold! and if you have no clue whatsoever as to what i said then it's about time you get off the couch and head off to the nearest cinema to catch Kung Fu Panda!

oh by the way, the video posted here shows Master Shifu (hint: watch the movie) as a baby red panda. yep, Shifu is not a raccoon, he is a red panda! watch his great move: HEAD BUTT! PUNCH! POUNCE! (click on read.more)

this got me laughing though i totally don't understand any japanese. i want a red panda pet. now.

master monkey, master viper, Po, head master shifu, tai lung


Anonymous said…
in the movie what do they call the wushu finger hold?
Cacho said…
lemme consult with master shifu... :) i think they just called it as the wushu finger hold. then again, am not an expert.
Anonymous said…
i watched the movie but i forgot. Its two words, wushu ______?

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