Food Trip! - Grand Majestic

i've done the rounds of buffets in the city: from the international selection of Tides Shangri-la Mactan to Indian or Barbecue Themed Marriott spreads (thanks to Moi!), to the more recent choices from El Viento of Marco Polo or the enormous breakfast spread in Waterfront.

The Great Majestic Buffet. Laaaami ah!

there's only ONE place i haven't added to my list of buffet must-try: The Grand Majestic. with the exception of Marriott that regularly serve themed buffets, all the other places offer a selection of international dishes. Grand Majestic is anything and everything chinese.

click on read more for hunger-inducing pictures!

Scallops Dumpling, seasoned perfectly with chili paste, ginger, lemon and soy sauce.
Jelly Fish Salad, tossed in vinegar, pimiento strips and garnished with sesame seeds. I love this dish with century eggs!
Salted Egg and Tomato Salad - red, firm tomato cubes tossed with pickled salted eggs. Went very well with the steamed lapu-lapu fish fillet.
Classic Peking Duck - Whole Roasted Duck, crispy fatty skin filleted and wrapped in a flour tortilla together with sweet hoisin sauce and fresh spring onions.
Taro Mango - grounded root tuber, seasoned and wrapped around bits of ripe mango, crusted with a flour mixture and deep fried. A perfect mix of Sweet and Salty taste that melts in your mouth.
Crispy Golden Pork Spareribs - a perfect slice of pork spareribs spiced and pressure cooked, coated with a batter and deep fried. Perfect with a chili-soy sauce dip and eaten with steaming hot rice.
Steamed Lapu-Lapu Fish Fillet - tender fish meat slightly seasoned and steamed, served with fresh shallots, ginger, fried garlic, soy sauce and blanched with hot hot vegetable oil.
Steamed Shrimps - fresh giant shrimps, blanched until golden-red and served over ice. best eaten with chili paste mixed with black vinegar.
Chinese Biko - Boiled Sticky Rice, layered with sweet black bean stuffing and glazed with melted chocolate.

There are other equally tasty and tempting dishes to sample. Perhaps another day, when the stars align to conspire that I get another invitation to a buffet lunch in Grand Majestic (Happy Birthday Mamu Inday and Ma'am Nits!). :P

The Grand Majestic

Add: G/F Grand Convention Center, Archbishop Reyes Ave, Cebu City
Cost: Php 400++/head
Tel: +6332.231.9815
One Dish Must Have: Everything


Sydney said…
Ang sarap naamn nyan!!! DIET DIET DIET
Cacho said…
e he he he... kaya doble oras sa gym karon. bawi bawi BAWIIII. at least may pambayad sa pagkain. ehem. alam mo na.
Ethel Pini said…
Hello, Cacho!

Can't help but drool while looking at those photos! I miss Pinas again. Very interesting blog you have, now you made me wish I have a better camera hehehe....
Anonymous said…
m hungry as a bear,

sun goku!!!
Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
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Jet said…
Sarap... I remember they usually serve their own white bread to start with and sus, sarap talaga. Do you know how they call that bread? It's white and fluffy and I've never seen that type of bread anywhere, not even in bakeries... but how I missed it!
Anonymous said…
Right, how do we order that white bread again if they don't serve it to us the next time we visit Grand Majestic?
Anonymous said…
Nice and thanks!
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