Sumilon Island, Revisited

sumilon deserve another break in this blog. the last write-up sometime march 2007 was more of a travelesque-narrative-thing that require a magnifying glass to appreciate the pictures. this time around, am letting the pictures speak for itself:

the docking bay, sumilon island

trekking around the island. resting under the shade of a leafless tree. right. really smart. but nice pic huh?
(click on read.more to see amazing photos of the island)

the sandbar shifts with the season, now you see it, now you don't
Sumilon is 180 km South of Cebu and is about 2.5 hours of reckless head-spinning driving. My companion got to enjoy the scenic view of undulating waves that shimmer in a picture perfect bright day - I had to keep my eyes on the road for the silly kids that dart accross the road out of nowhere, or the slow sleepy tricyle drivers that has forgotten the meaning of time. Oh yeah, the occassional chicken or dog makes an interesting obstacle course.

Lazing by the Pool on Top of the Hill

The take off point is Baranggay Mainit in Boljoon, South East of Cebu Province where you can park your car in their mini port (or if you want to be adventurous, take the southern bound bus to Bato from the South Bus Terminal). They have a boat that has regular scheduled trips to the island (15 minutes) - scheduled defined as whenever the fancy strikes.

the boat service from the mainland, a short 15 minute ride

If swimming in the white sand bar is not your desire (about 30 meters off the shore it drops to a cliff and you can do wall diving - note to the scuba freak), you can always dip yourself in an infinity pool atop the hill and take refuge from the blistering sun under a tree that is in the middle of the pool.

view from the infinity pool, for people fancying a midday dip, there's a live, growing tree in the middle of the pool.

From the pool you can walk to the gazebo and have your buffet lunch. Tip to the hungry - go early to the buffet, i thought sharks lurked in the water but apparently the people who did the trip can eat Jaws down to the bone in a matter of seconds.

Laze around one of many outdoor huts and read a favorite book

Sumilon Isle features a lake and you can take a kayak and investigate hidden nooks. Be amazed with the school of fish that follow you around. Don't be too noisy though, the original settlers (three pristinely white ducks) may take offense and take a peck at you. Funny though because the ducks followed me around for an amazing set of photos. They're not as popular as Daffy or Donald, but they're not as noisy either.

the lake

Donald and Daffy left Daisy somewhere...

Kayaking in the Lake - Don't ask me who the peeps are, don't know them.

contemplating the sand-between-the-butt feeling. eet huurts.

trees. around the lake.

sumilon blue flags, in black and white. just liked the perspective..

the lake, again. viewed from the trail around the island.

There are options to go on a trek around the island and it will take you about an hour to complete. Be ready to explore the trail and come up to old ruins in the middle of the forest where an old abandonned lighthouse stands. At the southernmost tip of the island, a lonely bench sits forlornly, inviting the trekker to sit down and ease the pain from walking on coral hardened stones.

shrubs along the trail, done in infrared style. my version of fall in sumilon.

my companions are complaining they want to sit on the bench but not before i get my shot of the "lonely" bench at the end of the southern trail.

you can stay overnight in one of these nice but rather expensive houses in the island.

my wandering feet...

An amazing place that is not widely known and discovered by the population. Go there while the rates are still affordable at Pesos 1,200 for a day trip inclusive of buffet lunch, welcome drink, boat transfers, snorkel gear, use of kayak and resort facilities.

The smile comes free.

watch out for this leetle beerdy thief. he almost got the other half of my slippers.

Resort Address:
Sumilon Bluewater Island Resort
Sumilon Island, Oslob
Cebu 6025

Telefax No. (63) (32) 481-0801
(63-32) 492-0100
(63-32) 232-5411
(63-32) 232-5412 to 14
Email Address:


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