Sweetest Tooth

my friends know that i'm not particularly fond of sweets. but EVERY time i find myself in Seattle's Best i MUST order the coconut macaroons. it's disgustingly sweet, sticky, grainy, nutty, oily and faaaantastic. it's too sweet i swear ants get diabetes by having a bite.

it's so sweet it reminds me of wena, disgustingly sweet but mildly annoying.

order tea to go along and savor each tiny bit. don't hesitate the use the flat side of your fork to scrape whatever sticks to the... to the... (okay you fill in the name of the paper that you use to mold cupcakes)


Cacho said…
so i'm here in seattles best in the terraces, ayala cebu and they don't have coconut macaroons like the ones in manila. bummer. apparently they can't find a supplier of the same quality.
girlie said…
hey fildude. i've been tracking your blog for a while now. totally agree with you about the macaroons. am from manila and i have been craving about this for the longest time!

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