Packed Lunch

early thursday morning and i was rushing to get some breakfast before heading off to the airport. mariano promised we're going to have brunch but for some reason he wasn't able to call after midnight (like he promised) to confirm.

heading off to greenbelt i first went inside pancake house, flipped through their menu and decided to find another place. i am not supposed to be eating wheat and flour based products. end of delusions of stacked pancakes smothered in blueberry and swimming in karo syrup. ended up in Binalot a couple of stalls away.

pinoys love to pack food and bring it to school, office, picnic and your occasional rally. binalot takes this to the next level by serving classic pinoy food "binalot" style.

here's my picture set of daing na bangus (deboned and dried milkfish) with tomatoes, salted egg and extra fried egg. i was thinking how many banana trees they needed to massacre (lord help me). salted egg is pickled raw whole eggs in a saline solution then boiled. it's delightfully salty and goes very well with tomatoes, onions and vinegar. add chopped corriander to give it THAT zest. take my word for it. if you want to bump up the sosyal notch, grill some aubergine, peel it, chop it then mix it with the salad. aubergine is eggplant aka talong dear reader.

if the greeks have shepherd's salad, then we have the mambubukid ensalada.

just in case you're wondering what the hell is a set of siao mai doing in this picture set, that's my packed lunch in the airport care of hen lin. if you have issues with that, then pack off. (pun sort of intended)


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