Last Hurrah!

my last post about my blood testing adventure i forgot to mention that i headed off to the carinderia (side street food stall) to grab some brunch. was supposed to head off to the gym to get some workout and i usually grab something otherwise i just might end up getting faint.

anyways, i really don't know my blood type (at that time) so i had the perfect excuse to order meat he he he.

this is Ginataang Langka or young (unripe) jackfruit cooked in coconut milk. the perfect version is spicy hot but this one was a little too sour for my taste. it also had a lot of buad flakes (dried fish) that made it too salty. if you look carefully enough, you'll see that i ordered a slab of breaded porkchop that's set off in the far left of the picture :)

this one's a throwback to our spanish heritage. menudo is similar to cocido with pork, green peas, potatoes, carrots cooked in a tomato based sauce. the main difference is that we normally don't add chorizo de bilbao (it's rather expensive) and the creative pinoy usually throws in purefoods hot dog. don't forget the pasas (raisins) that give it the distinctly pinoy sweet hint.

anyways, menudo is now part of my do-not-eat list.


Anonymous said…
didn't realize that ginataan langka could look so delicious in a pic. you should try this one as kinilaw na salad.

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