How Cory Touched My Life....

I read that title for two showbiz columnists whose underlying theme is that they know Cory on a personal basis.

one had legitimate reason to be familiar with Cory as Kris is his best friend. on the other hand, the other writer recalled a few occasions where he was invited to a press conference and a dinner by Cory's daughter. that and the fact he shook hands with cory after digging his hand into a plate of greasy nuts.

i guess Cory is name-droppable nowadays.

in any case, the closest that i'll ever get to cory is the fact that kris was the classmate of my niece in san agustin (dasmarinas, makati). at that time, kris was either a straight english or tagalog speaking teenager. remarkably, kris resembles her mom when cory was still a young lady. but i guess that comparison ends there.

in an entirely different note, last wednesday the metro was literally drowning in rain and the wind howling through the streets. i guess, that's pretty symbolic of the tears and cries of the people that loved cory and lined the streets to catch a glimpse of the metro manila filmfest parade.

i am not high brow, but some family members (with showbiz inclinations) were reported to be waving from the bus as they weaved through the crowd. that was not classy at all.

there are other things that i can't seem to understand though, the marcoses, whose patriarch was allegedly the mastermind in the assassination of ninoy was free to come visit AND pose beside cory's coffin whereas gma was persona non grata because they can't guarantee the reaction of the common people. if people can't stop themselves from uttering PUTANG INA NA @$%! na yan (like some presidentiable i know) inside a church then i don't know how to define "hypocrites" anymore.

strangely though, a lot of opinion came out that whoever joined the funeral march for cory are ALL against gma. that's utter crap. i am PERFECTLY sure there are some who braved the rain and did their roles as honor guards (bravo for standing still for nine hours!) that love cory but not necessarily hate GMA.

my opinion? cory is happy where she is right now with ninoy. but she's probably not too happy with how some people are making her funeral a circus.


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