I'm a Bloody O

met up with ron and red today, ron was supposed to head off to naga but his brother was late (for the millionth time) so i asked him if he wanted to join me and red for lunch.

if anyone cares to remember, red was the fellow who suddenly got sentenced to being a goat for the rest of his life when he found out that he is blood type AB. apparently he's the grazing type as majority of meats act like a poison to him except for some in the fowl and fishy type.

that conversation sort of piqued my interest in the ever raging war of the weighing scale so i decided to have my blood type tested in HP. my doctor friends were sort of amused by the fact that i can't even remember my blood type.

the last time i had it checked was way back in grade school (for some mandatory vaccination that i can't even remember).

anyways, when the medtech pulled up a syringe with an impossibly long needle i sorta blurted:

"ah miss? i thought you were just going to prick my finger?!"

"ah, we do the test tube method sir!" (like i really understood that)

"miss, exactly how BIG is that test tube?" i sorta grumbled as she got two tube containers that she plugged into the syringe that's stuck in my arm, didn't know that you can continuously replace the tubes when they're full.

"miss, HP to ha?" i know i read HP outside, not red cross.

that aside, service in HP is actually pretty good. best part is that you can download your laboratory results over the web which makes it really convenient.

ANYHOW, found out that my blood type is O+ and i quickly rushed over to national bookstore in ayala to grab the book Eat 4 Your Type for my particular blood type. here's the best part: apparently type O is like the stereotype carnivore. which sort of justifies my meaty inclination.

the worst part is that i can practically eat any meaty dish except for:

tang ina na to, yun na nga lang hinihintay ko na kasiyahan na makakain ng BABOY! tapos yun pa ang bawal?!?! nasaan ang hustisya?! sabi nga ni lola aunor sa pelikula na "minsan may gamu gamo" my brother is not a pig, my brother is not a peeeeg.

again, for my non native e-speakers, my previous line read: good thing i don't like PORK. Who will miss that?! at least nora aunor will not call me "my brother is not a pig!"

so there! i'm a bloody O.


Cacho said…
for some reason, when i played the video in a coffee shop where i was posting this blog, the people started to laugh. hmmmm.
Anonymous said…
ha ha ha, my brother is not a peeeg! love nora aunor!

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