there used to be a handful of restaurants in cebu that must be visited by everyone coming from manila. tongs is one of them.

there's nothing spectacular about tongs, think open-air gerry's grill. the biggest attraction for the restaurant is their very reasonably priced buffet at Php 180. even the buffet is nothing spectacular except that they served oysters.

topped with garlic and cheese then baked, blanched then dipped in a spicy vinegar concoction called pinakurat. these are the usual preparations that the patrons enjoy. for manilenos where a plate of six oysters can cost you triple the cost of the buffet, the oyster feast is enough to mark tongs as must-visit place.

never mind the fact that of late, the oysters have shrunk and shriveled to global recession sizes. that or the oysters sometimes resemble re-hydrated prunes. even more alarming are a number of stories about adventures to loo land that happen after a visit to tongs.

nevertheless, people go back for more and the lunch and dinner buffet lines are usually long.

it was a surprise then to see the place boarded up and walls torn down. am not sure if they're doing any renovation, on the other hand with pino recently offering oysters as part of their buffet in a ultra chic and classic setting as well as oysters that actually look and feel fresh, tongs must step up and offer something better.

for now, if you're looking for your oyster fix, visit pino for their lunch buffet.


Karlota said…
not eating at tongs EVER after a whole engineering department of my friend's got sick from eating oysters at T O N G S!!! weeeee.. where is pino? i haven't heard of it yet.
Karlota said…
cacho, thanks for the heads up about the comment thingy.. no wonder i have zerooooooo comments except for you. ahahahaha.. i'll let you know when i've tried pino.. i always check your blogs anyway when it comes to foods.. so that i have something sort of worldly to recommend to my friends.. they thought i knew so many things but they didn't know that i just like to read blogs.. ahaha. ciao.
kanishk said…
i read your blog line by line its really cool.......

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Cacho said…
hey karlots! it goes to show am a real geek deep down :P i still have tons of post that's pending. i'll try my best to entertain :)
Cacho said…
hi kanishk! welcome to my blog! do sign up to follow my blog (it's the link on the upper right side of the page) so you can get immediate updates :)
Bon said…
haven't seen you bro in the coffee shop! i have been very busy with schooling but not so much blogging na.

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