Pizza y Pasta

i'm like sooo over meat (temporary insanity). so there are days that i go out and try to look for something else rather than indulge in my caveman instincts for meaty meatiest dishes.

coincidentally(?) i ordered pizza and pasta combinations from different places and i guess wanted to do a quick comparison of how it stacked up to each other. um, more like i have this tendency to order the same food i like.

anyways i got attracted to pizza hut as they were announcing this Php 99 combination meal that comes in different sets so i ordered the carbonara and an extra set of pizza. i was really planning to order the bacon overload pizza but it wasn't available (that should have been my warning) so i ended up with aloha as a pair for my carbonara.

both came in burnt and lacked flavor. heck, i must have finished off half the pepper to get some taste. good thing i was reading a copy of "chic hits the fan" and i was busy figuring out the list of colorful characters to notice how close the food tasted like paper.

in another instance, i decided to head off to IT park and settled in casa verde for my meal. my original choice of salisbury steak was not available so i settled on getting antonizza (something that resembles like toasted pita bread topped with a meaty meaty sauce) and seafood carbonara. at Php 150 it was a good deal although the antonizza tasted a little bit too watery for my taste.

i guess the original in downtown made it better. the seafood carbonara more than made up for everything though. it was literally seafood, you see a lot of food heaped on top of the pasta smothered in creamy sauce.

on the other hand, if you're serious about your carbonara then head off to la tegola in the terraces (ayala). the smoky flavor of the ham and bacon is enough to justify this Php 300++ platter.

okay, enough pasta. back to meat.


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