A Second Chance

when you walk out of a restaurant you don't expect to come back to it anytime soon. the last time i walked out of aden restaurant in IT park i was steaming mad, hungry and almost late for a conference call with my boss and a colleague to discuss a client implementation. i ordered two dishes from their menu and had to endure about 30 minutes waiting while everyone else around me got their servings, dessert, coffee. my bestfriend approached the cashier and bellowed that they can keep their food because we're not even waiting for the rest of the order to come in. the most irritating part was that they served the garlic kangkong ahead and they didn't even serve the rice or set any utensils. the cafe ambiance didn't sit too well with us digging in with our fingers.

anyways, i was forced to come back to the place because some colleagues wanted to grab some food in the middle of a break from training. i grabbed my jacket and turned up the collars so my face is half-covered, didn't want the risk of getting dora-rat killer mixed in with my order.

this time around, i asked which dish gets served really fast and they recommended the pork belly (which reminds me, never ever tell an american he's eating pork belly unless you want his meal regurgitated on top of the table, that happened with a visitor who was wolfing down the sizzling pork BELLY and innocently asked what he was eating. apparently, visions of piggy nipples clouded his brain. just tell them pork.)

my colleague ordered the humba or stewed pork cutlets in a spicy, vinegar and soy based sweet sauce that's usually served with whole boiled eggs.

guess what, never thought a place could redeem itself. but this one did. not the BEST tasting pork bellybutton and humba-fantastic experience but it was good enough for me to come back for a couple more days.

if and when you go to this place, order the FULL serving and stay away from the other intricately named dishes. they still take forever to cook. my guess is that the two dishes i mentioned have been pre-cooked and warmed up every time someone makes an order. makes sense, humba tastes a lot better when it has been set aside to marinate in its own sauce for days.


Cacho said…
alas. this kababuyan can't continue anymore. I'm a blood type O and this is bawal for me!!!!

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