A distinctive 'S' shaped double curve, commonly found on chair arms - that's the web definition of Cyma.

for most, it's just the name of a restaurant that serves Mediterranean and one opened in cebu (the terraces, ayala) recently. i've always liked cyma in manila and decided to grab dinner in the place when i got the chance to travel for work sometime early august.

if you're new to the place, you must order the gyro (somehow the waiter pronounced it as "hero") as that's a typical order. it's presented like shawarma with pita stuffed with onions, tomatoes, grilled meats and a special sauce that gives it a peanuty garlicky flavor. the most popular would be chicken and beef but i personally prefer lamb.

you have the option to repcae the pita with lettuce to make your wrap a bit "healthier".

if you're inclined, you can spread the gyro and cut it up into pieces very much like a side salad. ask for a slice of lemon and bit of olive oil and balsamic vinegar. that's my little secret.

for my meal, i didn't want to get some rice so i ordered steamed mahi mahi and skipped the potato salad side dish. This one was a tad bland but i enjoyed the firm but melt-in-your-mouth flesh. a dash of pepper and salt will make this an excellent partner to your gyro-salad :)


Cacho said…
so tonight i'm supposed to have dinner with friends in cyma. exactly what i plan to order is still a mystery.
Cacho said…
i ordered the lamb gyro that took too long to arrive - worst part is, they included it as part of the bill. had some of the oso buco pasta that r can't finish (bland, really bland).

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