Enough Piggery Already!

in short, tama na ang kababuyan na eto. drats! dinner with the gang last night in Cyma. food was uh, bad. service, bad ass. company, fantastic. got in a bit late and they had a platter of slightly anemic porkchops, kebabs, osso buco pasta and a pepper stuffed with rice concoction that looked slightly alive. i mean, it was ready to crawl out of the serving dish.

leah wanted me to get some of the porkchop but it wasn't that particularly appetizing. besides, someone from the gang took all the good parts (read: the FATTY PORKY PART!) and left the chewing gum meat.

so i ordered my lamb gyro that made it's maiden debut in the bill but not on the table. forgot to ask them to replace the pita bread with lettuce. anyways, i have been avoiding baboy for a while now. and no, i am not referring to you-know-who-you-are. apparently, not good for my blood type.

there is no justice.

this is the osso buco. don't order it.


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