Perfect Ending to A Food Trip!


The best things are often called the sweetest things in life, it is not a wonder then that desserts cap a meal to sweeten the palate and wash away the heavy flavor of meat. This post is the last in a series of food review for Cafe Marco, Marco Polo.

after a heavy main course, i made my way over to the dessert selection and got a few samples from the array of sweet lil' angels. if you're diabetic, i strongly suggest you stay away from this part of the buffet - the mere smell and sight of these sugar puffs is enough to induce an attack.

-blueberry mousse cheesecake in a shot glass

i don't like cakes, specially if they're the sponge or chiffon type. i don't crave for chocolates either unless they come in a balikbayan package.

on the other hand, chocolate decadence is anything but airy or spongy and it is packed solid like a brownie - less the flour and more on chocolate. this is the only thing i went back for in the dessert spread.

-chocolate decadence

fruit based dessert is an entirely different matter. this one is an apple crumble topped with vanilla ice cream.

-apple crumble

mango slices in crepe, strawberry jam, caramel sauce and topped with vanilla ice cream. just in case you're wondering, i was just taking the pictures of everyone else's choice. right. i suppose you don't believe that.

-mango crepe

if i were in court, you can definitely sentence me guilty of a foodie's pleasure. time for me to do time and penance in the gym. hmmm.


Anonymous said…
blog makes me hungry... weeee
Cacho said…
argh... after taking the picture of the food we ate, i thought to myself - I BLOODY CONSUMED ALL OF THAT?!?!? man, you can feel how guilty i felt ha ha ha. thanks for dropping by :)
Bon said…
Must not stop...foodie pleasure!! :D

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