Travelling the World in One and Half Hours - Part 2

Main Course

the least visited food station in any buffet is the salad section. not that there's anything wrong with eating your fill of leafy greens but buffets are meant for carnivores. meat chomping sessions rule this experience and the meats section usually have the most traffic.

for a change, i decided for some fish before grabbing any meats and settled for a herb encrusted fish fillet in white sauce. i carefully laid out the fish on top of a lettuce leaf to give some color contrast. the slightly bitter taste of the lettuce complimented the creamy sauce and herbs that crusted the oh-so-tender fish meat.

i was a tad disappointed that they didn't have any lamb kebabs that i loved in a previous visit to this buffet together with some mint jelly. i settled for roasted beef and had it done medium well. the meat was tender and succulent with just the right amount of salt, pepper and spices rubbed all over the roast. one can enjoy the meat in a plain manner or slather on gravy for a richer experience. my advice is to go to the pasta station and have them saute garlic and mushroom in olive oil before adding some white sauce and use it as the gravy. de-leeee-syoos.

lechon, specially lechon de leche is probably one of the dishes that most pinoys will have on the top of their food chain list. in this instance, i find myself uninterested as i have been eating this particular dish in every other gathering that i've attended for the past few months. on the other hand, lechon kawali (fatty pork cutlets fried in deep oil until the skin goes a-crackle) has always been a favorite dipped in soy sauce and eaten with hot steaming rice. the chinese station offered peking duck as well as chinese chorizo that can be cut up and tossed on top of your yang chow fried rice.

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herb crusted fish fillet in white sauce

the beef medallions in jus au red wine sauce did not impress as it was too salty for my taste although the meat is tender.

okay, here's a question: what's the perfect way to end a gorgeous meal? dessert and coffee. do check in for the last installment to this series...


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