People Who Come Into Your Life For A Reason

that's the title of a cheesy email i got. apparently, it is designed to encourage people to keep on replying to each other to prove their friendship. didn't realize only friends have access to email.

eneways, i'm obviously a victim of this scam as i sent a reply to MY friends. interestingly, i got the very same email from someone i DON'T consider a friend. perhaps yes, in another lifetime - back when i was a rock and she was a leech that spread her slimy ooze everywhere she goes. obviously, rocks can't shout invectives and insults. hello, rock ako.

as the story goes, she has ceased to exist... as a friend, which makes it so interesting to get THAT particular email from her. an olive branch for peace? that's like so old testament. then again, that fits her perfectly: OLD. glutathione, malathione and formalin can't stop the migration of certain body parts to australia. in short, down under. correction: industrial strength, wire enhanced, radiation repelling + bleaching agent support brasserie can create an illusion of perkiness. but as they say, even vicky belo has an expiry date. suffice to say, she has gone beyond the prescribed shelf life. the only thing i know that lasts forever are raisins. then again, i don't think she'd relish the thought of being referred to as an old shriveled prune.

you can probably say that i didn't send the email - and thus a blog entry was born.

ps. if you got my email - you're a friend, if you sent one and you're still waiting for my reply... you probably would have to wait till i reincarnate as a rock. again. which is like never. ever. after.

i love my friends, VERY much. considering the amount of patience that i have, it takes a major league betrayal or hurt to get me hard. like a rock (malisyosa!). unfeeling. and as you very well know, knocking your head with a rock results in a very bad headache.

if by chance you are a frenemy (friend who is really an enemy) and you ended up in this blog, please hire a translator. English is not part of your skill set.


Carlota said…
hahahah.. i have a list of people that i ignore too... weee.. there are people that i just can't relate at all...
Carlota said…
hahahah.. i have a list of people that i ignore too... weee.. there are people that i just can't relate at all...
Cacho said…
That's funny he he he. Me, i don't keep a list. I take them OUT of my list. better that way he he he. btw, thanks for KEEPING me in your list of blogs to visit. I really do appreciate that!

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