ALA Formo Rambol!

I gotta say this, some bloody idiot mistakenly went into Formo instead of ALA gym and got into a good-ol-has-been-so-last-season rambol. that's like soooo high school. can't blame them, ALA and Formo are in banilad town center (btc).

if the (slightly intoxicated, alcohol induced...) accounts were right, some sona-dumbo-ass dressed up in cargo pants and tawdry shirts decided to make Formo a diskoral. not to discriminate, but helloooo..... mambaling is like way up in the mountains while btc is right in the middle of a... construction site. complete with murderous traffic.

if at this point you're like huh? whaat? who? then you're obviously less of a chismoso/mosa than me. you see, the (bloody) story has been going around about the free-for-all rumble that happened in Formo last saturday.

technically, it's not really a free-for-all, i heard the damage reached Php 68,000 pesos. mostly from broken bottles of Absolut and vintage Don Perignon. Syet, sosyal ang away sapokan at hampasan ng bottles, Absolut gamit. on hindsight, that should have been a good thing. the alcohol should act as a disinfectant. (click on read.more for the rest of this ramboling story)

eneways dear highway, my trusted snoopy dog whispered in not so subtle tones the whole story while we were running around the track in Holiday Gym and Spa. if you want to know who snoopy dog is, dig around my site and you'd find out who my running (and talkathon) partner is.

it's not second hand information, as snoopy dog was right in the middle of the action. in fact, SHE is the subject of this sizzling no-rounder boxing match. i can finally say that she can claim bragging rights to men throwing chairs and tables for her. Helen (of Troy) would be so proud of the new heir to the throne. No wonder she was busy holding her tiara while we were running around the track. I absolutely refused to carry the scepter. (i left it lying on the track with the hope that some nasty korean pandols ober the bakod...)

if this story is not confusing enough, snoopy dog and ms. bette middler (hint: the DIVINE ms. midler) were dancing to 80's music midway through a bottle of vodka when these guys came up and started to do a pole dance. except that they want to wrap their cargo clad legs around the petite ladies and not the pole. by then, the ladies were doing their own version of statue dance. in short, shocked by this unwelcome and body-odor enhanced advance (though snoopy dog admits to having flashes of "WINNER AKO!" running through her head during that time) from the diskoral kings.

suffice to say that the (gentle)men that were with the Divine Ms. M. and Snoopy came over to the "others" with very civilized intention to beat them to pulp. err... to try and reason (as if alcohol and reason go hand in hand) with them.

the reply? an offered bottle of beer... to the face of JV. Ayun, all hell broke loose and instead of hearing Madonna bleat out "Like a Virgin"... they heard "Di Na Ko Virgin!" - which is so appropriate as everyone had a bloody mary, less the mary.

they all ended up in the police station with snoops' boys still wanting to do a round of baseball with the "others". believe me, i probably would have reacted in the same manner when a friend is obviously in need of protection.

snoops (very very sensible of her...) advised the "others" not to leave the police station because she is afraid that her posse will hunt them down (ehem, some of them are members of an official drag racing team and a shooters club. dangerous combination mah friend)

i was told they hurriedly ran to the selda (holding cells) when snoops told them what the guys can actually do because of sheer anger. as everyone was filing out of the police station, snoops went back to the selda and whispered to the "others"...

"by the way, do you know how old i am? I am thir.... (ending in a very very low whisper)".

let's just say that the police wondered why the "others" suddenly tore at their hair and beat their chests. Helen of Troy was 16 when Brad Pitt and Orlando Bloom fought over her. Let's just say that Snoops can pass for 16 but not THAT young. Just ask her four lovely kids.

K asked snoops when she came out of the police station why she had her hands on top of her head, seemingly holding on to something... shaking her head, she just walked out, back straight and muttering to herself "SA AKIN ANG KORONA TONIGHT! WINNER AKOOOOO!"


Don't ask too hard who the personalities are in this little story because i WILL tell. e-he. i won't! i won't!!!!!


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i was doing a search for THIS topic and came up with two links:

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