The Last Time I Heard, Helmets Saved Human Lives...

"Fr. Gamaliel Tulabing, judicial vicar of the Diocese of Dumaguete, yesterday joined the growing number of people who have voiced their objection to the LTO's move to require Dumaguete motorists to wear helmets."
- Cebu Daily News, 20 Sep 2008

his reasons for opposing the move is that people will start to wear their helmets to mass when taking communion AND that helmets will take up pew space. if he was being funny, I am not laughing. moronic statements like this will not win additional followers of the flock.

and you wonder why there should be a distinction between state and church? i believe that protecting human life is more important than helmet-wearing parishioners and pew space. seems like the church has a grudge against wearing protection, helmets and condoms alike.


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