Letter to a Friend

Leech is at it again.

the post title is the same as that of another SPAM email from my frenemy. I seriously think she's missing a few marbles in the head. oh wait, there's nothing inside her head - my guess is that the liposuction shlurrrped more than just the fats on her titanic hips. and arms. and (add every other body part here).

usually this immediately goes to my trash folder but like a moth drawn to a flame, i decided to have a look at the other recipients.

i therefore conclude that she is not only lacking a few marbles but is afflicted with Alzheimer's. I can definitely count the number of people who wouldn't have her name in Santa's good gels and boys list, or the animal list, or the inanimate object list. when you've done so much "enhancements" (ehem) on yourself the biological classification becomes blurred. Frankenstein was not human.

For the record, spam email should be ILLEGAL for anyone above the age of 60 and if you count Gabriella and Jose Rizal as ka-berks, you definitely fail this criteria.
Last i checked, Friend was spelled as F-R-I-E-N-D and not H-U-D-A-S.

Curiously, i can not remember ever receiving any personalized email that necessitated careful thought or passable language expression skills from leech.


Anonymous said…
i'm getting curious about this frenemy hudas and exactly what she did to garner so much passion from lots of people. aheheh
Cacho said…
if i were to write a book about her it would be a short novel, there's nothing in her life worth writing about - the only exception is if you're a garbage collector and you'd get a whole truck load of it HA HA HA. thanks for visiting my blog, i promise i won't write about that person anymore. suffice to say, she betrayed a lot of people. :(
Bon said…
got..the rappy wammy spam..tricking you around...!?

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